new theme: thirty six

today, i am another year older
it’s not that i’m not okay with being another year old, it’s just …
well i guess, i’m kind of in shock over how old i really am :p

so, i’m 36 today. getting older, rite?

i don’t know what the future will bring or how things will turn out
but as long as i am happy,
i can endure anything that comes my way

i hope to make my 36th year a simple one.
and yes, i just want to be happy. i need nothing more

god has been overly generous to me in my lifetime and for that i am so grateful
every day is a blessing, after all
and another day means i have another thing to be thankful for :)

26/12/2013 – What I Am Reading Today

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25/12/2013 – What I Am Reading Today

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Wishing you a merry Christmas